Necessity... the mother of a business?
My first attempt at soap making was out of desperation- a need to accommodate my own extremely sensitive, unhealthy skin.
After much research and experimentation, I finally fashioned a soap that worked well for me. Over time friends and family sampled my creations,
shared them with others, and came back asking for more! I soon found my 'necessary hobby' had grown into a small business, Bare Necessities.
I am proud to say that every bar of Bare Necessities soap is 'made from scratch'
with goat milk from my own dairy herd, high-quality vegetable oils, essential oils or all-natural fragrance oils,
and NO chemicals, harsh preservatives or dyes ever! This is the standard for all body care products offered.
And the candles, well, they're pretty healthy too!
I speak from experience and with confidence when I say that Bare Necessities products are skin-sensitive and satisfying in every way!
I greatly appreciate your interest in my business and hope to always provide handcrafted products that benefit you most! -Kimberly

"Stripping skin-care (and candles) down to all-natural goodness."

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